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We offer a very wide variety of services

Any, and almost all repair needs will be met with the various skill levels required.  Each employee offers unique expertise that ranges from repairing and restoring your furniture to its original state.  Whether it has been chipped or has  broken veneer, cracks, missing parts, broken legs, all the way to a complete restoration of your previous finish.

Our stripping process is complete

It will ensure the cleanest job possible when a complete Refinishing is needed.  Many different stain colors and shades are available, which provides the Personal Touch you desire.

Every finish is sprayed, not brushed

We use the top of the market Lacquers and finishes.  Beautiful factory Quality Satin or Gloss Finishes are available in all of our processes.

A growing trend now is painting furniture

We offer a full variety of painted finishes, all with very durable coatings.  This includes Satin or Gloss finishes as well.

If you can dream it, we can make it become a reality.

Another Service we offer is our Complete Cabinet Repair & Refurnishing department. 

If your cabinet is worn and needs to be repaired, replaced, refurnished, give us the opportunity to bring it back to life.  Our services include Cabinet Repair, replacement, refurnishing, all knobs-hardware-hinges, even a complete color change.

     We know you will enjoy our                                                    Complete Cabinet Services.

Other Services Offered Include:

  • Cabinet Repair which includes all types of Cabinet Related Improvements

  • Minor Upholstery needs as well as all types of Scratches, Defects, Fabrication of Missing Parts or Chips repaired.

  • Full Veneer Replacement

  • We offer a full line of Painting with a wide range of colors to fit those Specialized Painting Needs and Desires.  This includes Washing, Chalk Paint, Layered Paints and just about any type of Painting to suit your needs.

    Please call us @ 850-222-1872